C arbon       
                  T rading 
C ompany





Foundation and Development

Ewald Gottschald
Engravings & Mechanics
Josef Gottschald
Commercial Company
Founded:: 07th June 1989
Registered in the 
Chamber of Handicrafts
at Koblenz
Founded: 01th July 1996

Right from the beginning, the company founder, Ewald Gottschald, focused on conventional lathes and milling machines, as well as on his manual skills regarding the manufacturing of general formats, detail parts and job lots.

Large companies (such as today's SGL-Carbon Company) quickly realized, that the production was cost-effective, efficient and highly precise. 

Even with a growing plant, meanwhile containing CNC-controlled machines, we are still focusing on conventional working and manual knowledge by over 50 %.

Due to short delivery periods and highest precision, we meet the requirements of our customers, based on our motto, that was developed many years ago:

"Everything is possible!"